It’s food for the soul, and a vitally important part of our culture. The live music scene in Sydney has seen some amazing artists get their break and establish successful careers, but over the years the scene has taken a big hit. Venues have been closing across the city, and our culture has been irrevocably altered. So what does the live music scene in Sydney look like today, where do artists go to perform, or is the Sydney scene dead? We take a look at Sydney’s sound then and now.



Abby Dobson, Leonardo’s Bride

Alannah Russack, The Hummingbirds

Alex Smith, Moving Pictures

Alison Avron, The Newsagency

Calvin Welch, ihearmusic

Clover Moore, Lord Mayor City of Sydney

Craig Peterson, Lazybones Lounge

Darcy Byrne, Inner West Mayor

Dave Faulkner, Hoodoo Gurus

Dave Novak, Polish Club

Dane Laboyrie, Musician

Dean Ayton, The Hideaway

Emily Collins, Music NSW

Hannah Crofts, All Our Exes Live In Texas

Hugo & James, Flight Facilities

Ian Moss, Cold Chisel

Ivy Whittingham, DJ

Jake & Kenny, Lansdowne Hotel

Jess & Sara, Nitocris

Jodi & Trish, The Clouds

John Wardle, Live Music Office

Jon Perring, The Tote

Lindsay McDougall, Frenzal Rhomb

Mark Gerber, Oxford Art Factory

Matt Rule, Music & Booze Co

Mikaela Dean, Musician

Quincy & Helen, SLAM

Tamika Stanton, Singer

Tex Perkins, The Cruel Sea

Tyson Koh, Keep Sydney Open


Wednesday, 7th Nov, 2018

Australian Music Week Film Festival
GU Film House, Cronulla

Monday, 19th Nov, 2018

Dendy Cinemas, Newtown

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  • "I moved to Sydney in 86 and there were just bands playing everywhere. All the bands you dreamed about seeing live you could see at many many venues throughout Sydney." - Alannah Russack
  • “If Lazybones is going to be recognized for anything, it’s that we supported live music 7 nights a week no matter what. We will always do it.” - Craig Pietersen
  • “We’re a city with 5 million people, we should have at least one 250 person room that sounds and looks good for a young band to play in. Hopefully being part of this scene, we can nurture that talent.” - Jake Smyth
  • "We seem to be getting further and further away from art, music and culture, and more into money and development." - Calvin Welch
  • “We would go to the Lansdowne and we’d go see local bands like the Hard On’s or Tumbleweed, floor to ceiling mosh pit, and we were just like yep that’s where we wanna be!” - Jess Finlayson
  • “It’s so important to have a diverse vibrant healthy night time economy, the same as it is with a day time economy, they feed each other.” - Mark Gerber
  • “The Annandale really held an important place in peoples hearts in Sydney, especially in the time we owned it. Being involved in that hotel and bringing back live music was really special.” - Matt Rule
  • "The late 90’s to 2000’s it just seemed like there was music everywhere. There were so many places that you didn’t have to stop listening to music until the sun came up, and often we didn’t, it was very very fun." - Lindsay McDougall